Our Story

Created by kids

In 2005, two Finnish kids started doodling goofy dogs to pass the time on a sweaty road trip. 

The cute characters with pear-shaped heads were quickly named Dibidogs.


From doodles to animation

The dogs have wandered a long, at times rocky road from that notebook to a high-tech Chinese animation studio and onto the world’s TV screens.

Mikaela and Tom’s dad, Jim Solatie, travelled all over China seeking production partners. After many trips and meetings, he signed a deal in 2007 with the Blue Arc Ltd animation studio, best known for the Transformers series.

Dibidogs Season 1 premiered in 2011, followed by educational apps and books, attracting an audience of 50 million viewers.

Inspired by pedagogical love

Dibidogs is strongly rooted in Finnish pedagogy, one of the most celebrated education systems in the world.

We believe in teaching children new things through love, respect and trust – not authoritarian preaching or uninspiring repetition.

By tagging along with Dibidogs on their exciting adventures, kids will learn about new fun ways to recycle, helping animals in need and new forms of energy – almost without noticing that they are learning!


Make the world a little bit better

In Season 2 Dibidogs explore ecological themes. 

What is life like on other planets? Is it true, that they are not made of bone like Bonecity on the Dibidogs planet? Where does new energy come from? What makes recycling fun?

 With Dibidogs kids will have a chance to learn how to make the world a little bit better.

Making of Dibidogs