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Created by kids

In 2005, two Finnish kids started doodling goofy dogs to pass the time on a sweaty road trip.

The cute characters with pear-shaped heads were quickly named Dibidogs.

With children themselves involved in the concept development, Dibidogs goes right to the heart of the target audience.


Finnish Pedagogy Meets Hollywood Glare

From that notebook Dibidogs jumped to the world's TV screens. The first season premiered in 2011 and reached an audience of 50 million.

For Season 2, launching in summer 2019, the scriptwriter Anne Lehtinen from Finland joins forces with US colleagues Michael Maurer and Joie Albrecht.

This highly talented team features an inspiring combination of Hollywood storytelling, global eco themes and Finnish pedagogical love.

Technical Details

Episodes: 104 × 13 minutes; total of four seasons

In production, first 26 episodes ready to be aired in summer 2019

Genre: 3D animation

Target group: Ages 4-10

Producer: Jim Solatie, Futurecode Ltd. & Tommy Wang, Blue Arc Ltd.

Screenwriting: Anne Lehtinen, Pia Solatie, Michael Maurer, Joie Albrecht

During its inaugural season, Dibidogs reached the audience of 50 million.

This season, there is no doubt about Dibidogs’ ability to go significantly higher. The new season is in production and will be launched in summer 2019.

Dibidogs believe they can make the world a little better. Why not let them do the same to your network?


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