About Dibidogs

What is Dibidogs?

Dibidogs is an animated series for 4+ year olds. Based on original characters created by kids, Dibidogs stories are written by a team of Hollywood professionals.

Dibidogs live on Bonecity, a planet where everything is made of bone (for chewing purposes). Driven by curiosity, Dibidogs seek new adventures all over the galaxy. They meet new friends, solve different kind of problems and learn to make the world a little bit better.


The Dibi Universe

Our universe is large and mysterious. From amazing planets with pleasant meadows to those with treacherous slopes of sharp rocks, there is no shortage of places to explore and adventures to engage in. Why not enjoy the hot sun with the Cactus Cats or experience the cold and icy Snowball planet? How would meeting the fancy (but sometimes smelly) skunks on their rosy planet sound like?

The Gang!

Meet some of our tiny but tremendeous heroes. New characters will join the group every now and then, so remember to visit this page on a regular basis. Have you already gotten to know the soft and sweet Vanilla?


This super cute kitten is soft and cuddly - and she knows how to get all the attention. Vanilla loves smelly sardines, which tends to surprise her dog friends.


Rocky is a keen schoolboy who winds up in all kinds of adventures. He is always ready to help and think of new ways to do things. When something is cooking, Rocky will be there!


Emmy can be easily recognized by her big green glasses. She is Rocky’s classmate as well as Princess Lizzy’s little sister. By nature, she is smart and emotional, and she loves taking care of animals.


Ronny is the older brother of Rocky. He is extremely interested in nature and the environment. At times Ronny shows the younger puppies the wonders of the Dibidog planet.


Missy is a funny girl who is obsessed with polka-dotted ribbons. She also has a crash on Rocky. Sometimes she gets annoyed when she sees Rocky hanging around with Emmy. That's hard to avoid though, as she studies in the same class with them.


Princess Lizzy is the daughter of the ruler of Bonecity and Emmy’s older sister. She is a typical princess, who enjoys being glamorous and adored.

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