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Dibidogs Season 2 is Coming Soon

 Dibidogs go green by introducing the hottest environmental themes with great adventures including fun ways to recycle, exciting new forms of green energy  and educating encounters with animals in need.

The future looks happier than ever before. Dibidogs and children have fun and learn new things while watching the show.

The globally renowned Finnish pedagogy meets Hollywood glare. For season 2, our scriptwriters from Finland have joined forces with colleagues from Hollywood. Together, they incorporate the best pedagogy in the world into new, captivating Dibidogs adventures!

Take a look at the all new clips from Dibidogs season2. 

The Dibidogs are enjoying a sunny day and great surf at the beach, when they suddenly face a Baby Whale in distress. The Dibidogs are ready to help, how about you?   

And what happens to super sweet Vanilla-kitten, when she is rejected at the Galactic Winter Games? Check out, how Vanilla's persistence pays off!

Meet the new faces!

New, fascinating friends have joined the old gang in the Dibidogs universe. Introducing Emmy, Rocky and Vanilla-cat!




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