The Dibidogs meet a cool new friend: Jonina

- 12:30 pm - June 17th, 2011


The Dibidogs met the perky, imaginative Jonina at the Helsinki Children’s Fair. 

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m starting sixth grade after summer vacation; I’m in fifth grade now. I’m in the book club and the woodworking club. I love animals! Me and my sister own four guinea pigs and a rabbit.

Where did you first see Dibidogs?

I saw an ad for the show and it looked fun. Last year at Easter my brother was watching TV and I noticed that MTV3 was showing Dibidogs. I asked my brother not to change the channel while the show was on.

Ever since that first episode, I’ve thought that it’s the best show in the world, really exciting and fast-moving! The characters are sweet.

Who are your favorite Dibidogs?

Adi and Jessica are my favorites because they’re brave and smart and most of all cute! I think Adi is funny and Jessica is pretty saucy and smart.

How is Dibidogs different from other animated shows?

The show’s better than other animated series because its main characters are dogs, which I really like. And also, it has really fast, exciting scenes. This series is also creative, because I’ve gotten better grades on my stories at school thanks to the Dibis.

You’ve read Tuija Lehtinen’s book Dibidogs and the Lost Princess many times. What do you think of the book?

I think it’s really great and cool! I’m already waiting for the next Dibidogs book...

The book also has three-dimensional augmented reality. Was it easy to use? What did it make you think of?

The first few times, it seemed hard to use the augmented reality, but by now I’m a pro. The first thing I thought of was that now I own two little dogs, Adi and Jessica, that I can teach tricks and play with.

What about the next Dibidogs episodes? What kinds of new characters would you like to have included?

Me and my sister have invented a poodle whose name is Jenni and she’s Mimi’s cousin. She’s white with yellow hair and wears a collar with pearls on it. We also thought up Ninni, who’s a grey dog of the same breed as Jessica and has a purple skirt and purple hair. Then there’s Lily, a brown greyhound who dreams of visiting the palace. My brother has also designed a bull terrier named Manu. Manu has a yellow collar.

What would you like to have happen next in the series?

It would be nice if Princess Cecelia had a birthday that would be celebrated all over the planet. As a present, Cecelia would get her own amusement park, Dibilandia, that would be opened up in the Dibipark, but on the big day everything wouldn’t go quite according to plan – because the guinea pigs, hamsters and mice would have come from the Rascal Rodents planet to take all the rides and stuff from the park. Adi and Jessica decide to figure out what’s happened, who’s been playing tricks and what’s really going on. Eventually Adi and Jessica would give the Rascal Rodents their own amusement park, which they’d been dreaming of for their own planet.


The Dibidogs would like to thank Jonina for this interview! We’re sure that when she moves into sixth grade, she’ll continue to create and write amazingly exciting, funny stories both at school and home.