Dibidogs is a child-created animation about dreams, friendship, togetherness and a brighter future.

The Story

kuvitus_group-1.jpgThe Dibidogs live on a beautiful planet known as Bonecity. They zoom around in cool spaceships, go to school right next to the awesome Royal Palace and get mixed up in adventures full of royal hounds, mysterious shadows and a super-cute princess.

The pilot episode of Dibidogs sweeps us into enchanting planet of the Dibidogs, home to more or less regular dogs and a royal family. A surprising event on this planet in outer space kicks off the first Dibidogs Adventure.


Episode 2: Shadows and Sewers

All of Bone City is abuzz: the Princess has disappeared. Some of the schoolkids saw what happened – but will the word get through to the palace? And what are those mysterious Shadows up to?


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Connected Creativity Awards at MipTV

Futurecode takes their existing animated property, The Dibidogs, and creates a new world for children by bringing it into augmented reality. Futurecode was voted the most innovative new media-company in Cannes, France (April 2011).

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  • In 2014, the Dibidogs won the Finnish audiovisual export Hulda award, granted by the Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export organization (Favex).
  • In 2011, the series won the MIPTV CC Ventures award. This prize for the year's most creative work is chosen by private equity investors.
  • At the 2010 MIPTV festival in Cannes, France, the Dibidogs and its Finnish production company Futurecode were finalists for two awards, the MipJunior Kid's Jury and MipCOM Global Licencing.


How the series got its start

The Dibidogs series was born out of children’s imagination.

In 2005, two Finnish kids started drawing goofy dogs in a notebook while on vacation. On a sweaty road trip to the Grand Canyon with their parents, Mikaela and Tom passed the time doodling. The characters with pear-shaped heads that emerged were quickly named Dibidogs.

The dogs have wandered a long, rocky road from that notebook to a high-tech Chinese animation studio and onto the world’s TV screens. Mikaela and Tom’s dad, Jim Solatie, travelled all over China seeking production partners. After many trips and meetings, he signed a deal in 2007 with the Blue Arc Ltd animation studio, best known for the Transformers series.

Finland’s best-selling juvenile author Tuija Lehtinen became enthusiastic about the canine characters. She signed on as chief scriptwriter, converting the kids’ ideas into compelling storylines.

Dibidogs debuted in April 2010 on Finland’s main commercial channel, MTV3, before switching to its sister channel Sub Junior.

In the autumn of 2010 the first mass-market Dibidogs book appears, setting a world precedent with an exciting new technology. The characters will pop up out of the page and into life, thanks to technology developed by the VTT Technical Research Center. Using a mobile phone or web camera, the scruffy-headed puppy Adi and the others will be able to spin around, growl or jump onto the viewer’s hand.

These lovable hounds, born out of kids’ imagination, appear on Chinese TV screens this fall. The Dibidogs’ audience will leap into the tens – or even hundreds – of millions.

The trip from a school notebook to worldwide popularity has begun…

Lauri Sihvonen / Seura magazine 2010, MTV3 

Contact details:

Jim Solatie
Urho Kekkosenkatu 4-6 E
FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland

jim.solatie (a)
+358 40 544 7077 


First season: 26 x 23 minutes; a total of four seasons (104 episodes)
Genre: 3D animation
Target group: Ages 4-10
Producer: Jim Solatie, Futurecode Ltd. & Tommy Wang, Blue Arc Ltd.
Director: Tommy Wang
Story: Tuija Lehtinen
Artwork: Children around the world, Blue Arc Ltd., Futurecode Ltd.
Project management: Jim Solatie



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