Bonecity and the Too-Cute Princess

Episode 1: Welcome to Bonecity

The pilot episode of Dibidogs sweeps us into the enchanting planet of the Dibidogs, home to more or less regular dogs and a royal family. The main characters are school-age pups Rocky and Emmy and their friends. A surprising event on this planet from outer space kicks off the first Dibidogs adventure.

Episode 2: Shadows and Sewers

All of Bonecity is a buzz: the Princess Lizzy has disappeared. Some of the schoolkids saw what happened – but will the word get through to the palace? And what are those mysterious Shadows up to?

Episode 3: The Mysterious Flying Gadget

The Princess Lizzy is still missing – and another clue has been found. Her little sister, Emmy, and her class chum Rocky are hot on the kidnapper’s trail. There’s plenty of action, twists in the plot and chuckles along the way.

Episode 4: On the Net and in the Sewers

The schoolkids are fascinated by a sign that’s appeared on a drawing of a space ship. Our brainy detectives will stop at nothing to find out the truth. There are plenty who offer help – but not all of it is useful.

Episode 5: The Bookworms and the Pirates

The sewer trail has petered out. The canine pals Rocky and Emmy are on an expedition to find a literary treasure trove. Where will it take them?

Episode 6:  Sailing into Pirate Bay

Bad Guy tries to shake Rocky and Emmy off his trail, but the little dogs won’t give up. Their noses point firmly towards the pirate ship.

Episode 7: Load of Mutiny

The doggy pals are stunned by what they find in the hold of the pirate ship. The little mutineers are far from young and clueless, though.

Episode 8: Checkmate?

Rocky and Emmy are worried about the pirate ship’s cargo. The curious canines are being followed by a hound in a hat – who’s not impressed by what the kids are up to.

Episode 9: The Mystery of Treasure Island

Mr. Wang’s antique bookshop holds a clue about a great hidden treasure. Are the pirates hot on the treasure trail? And does this have anything to do with the disappearance of the Princess Lizzy?

Episode 10: The Hunt for the Princess

The Shadows lead Rocky and Emmy to a secret entrance, but there are more surprises ahead. As the first Dibidogs adventure concludes, we find out why the Princess has vanished. But our heroes are still wondering about other unsolved mysteries...

The Cactus Cats Adventure

Episode 11: A Feline Gift

A high-level delegation arrives from the planet of the Cactus Cats. They bring a gift that seems to have a noble purpose. But Rocky and Emmy has noticed something else too.

Episode 12: Cactus-Climbing Kids

The schoolkids are thrilled with the cactus statue, which they’ve found a new use for. But how is the statue being guarded at the museum?

Episode 13: Mice, Ghosts - or Burglars?

Things keep disappearing from the museum. Bonecity’s media is breathlessly reporting on the story, and rumors are running rife. Luckily, a couple of experienced amateur sleuths are on hand.

Episode 14: Sniffing & Snooping

Think museums are boring places where nothing happens? Come to Bonecity – and you might change your mind. Rocky and Emmy notice that there are some really odd characters at the museum.

Episode 15: Those Wacky Hat People

Wherever the Shadows gather, there are clues to be found. Detectives Rocky and Emmy disguise themselves to follow a clue that hisses and smells fishy.

Episode 16: Fishy Business

Somebody has trapped the private eyes behind the wrong door. It’s too dark to see anything – but they can sure smell something. Where have Rocky and Emmy ended up?

Episode 17: Field Trip to the Museum

The poochy pupils are on a class trip to the Dibidogs Museum. What their teacher doesn’t know is that Rocky and Emmy already know the place inside and out. The museum is full of amazing surprises

Episode 18: The Cactus Collar

The young dogs stay overnight at the museum to see what’s going on – but end up prisoners of some weird creatures. The four adventurers will need real teamwork to escape. The concluding episode of the Cactus Cats adventure is a wild ride.

Rainbow & the Circus Adventure

Episode 19: Rainbow is Back in Town!

The youngsters of Bonecity are totally excited. The hottest band on the planet are about to play a big show at the amusement park. Even the Princess Lizzy is a big fan of the Rainbow!

Episode 20: Autograph Hounds

Rocky and Emmy are having a blast on the rides at the amusement park. They're also hoping to meet some of the Rainbow to get their autographs. But that's not easy!

Episode 21: Well-Guarded Idols

The whole amusement park is rocking during the Rainbow's concert. And there's lots of security to keep over-eager fans away from the megastars.

Episode 22: The Hungry Robber

Who's that big monster dog? Has he kidnapped the members of the Rainbow band? While Rocky and Emmy are trying to figure out this mystery, food keeps disappearing from homes in Bonecity.

Episode 23: Slippery Characters

In the seal pool, the dog buddies Rocky and Emmy meet some playful grey friends. Their older siblings are delighted.

Episode 24: On the Trail of the Kangaroos

The circus kangaroos have escaped. But Bonecity's investigative reporters haven't yet caught scent of the story.

Episode 25: The Abracadabra Acrobats

Rocky and Emmy, who've been practicing with the acrobats, can't get enough of performing wild tricks. They want to become performers, but first they have to find themselves a manager.

Episode 26: Sweet but Slippery

The magicians' assistants have been trapped by a monstrous manager. Are the bunny and the parrot going to end up as a protein-rich lunch? The circus adventure comes to a tasty conclusion.