Rocky, Missy and Emmy study in the same class together with other classmates of the same age. Wild boy Rocky is enthusiastic about spaceships and other boys’ stuff. Silly Missy is crazy about ribbons. The king’s younger daughter, Emmy, is probably the smartest of the three, but the cheekiest as well. Friendship ties up the pals, who are always there for each other solving the trickiest puzzles in their lives.



Rocky is a keen schoolboy who always winds up in various adventures. He never how knows to behave properly, even when visiting the court! In spite of everything, Rocky is constantly trying to figure out the truth about the Shadows.

Rocky lives with his mom, dad and older brother Ronny.



Princess Lizzy is the elder daughter of the ruler of Bonecity, Emmy’s older sister. She is a typical princess, who enjoys being glamorous and adored.




The Cactus Cats

The Cactus Cats live on a neighboring planet, often seen with mice tails under their arms.  



Magician Harry Bobo

There is something wrong with Harry Bobo. But can anyone unlock his mysterious secret?




Emmy is easily recognized from her big green glasses. She is Rocky’s classmate as well as Princess Lizzy’s little sister. By nature she is smart and emotional, and hates being treated as a royal. 





Rocky’s older brother Ronny studies to be a sewer inspector and works on very important subjects. Secretly he is a sensitive ‘closet poet’ desperately in love with Princess Lizzy, to whom he writes bunches of love poems but only to be kept inside his own desk drawer. 


The Shadows

The Shadows are mysterious dark figures whose true character is only revealed towards the end of the first season.



Bad Guy

 The name says it all. Or does it?



Missy is a funny girl who is obsessed with polka-dotted ribbons and also has a crash on Rocky. That’s why sometimes she gets annoyed seeing Rocky hanging around with Emmy. She studies in the same class with Rocky and Emmy, and her mother is their teacher.




The King is the righteous governor of the Dibidogs’ planet.





The Moon Wolves

The Moon Wolves are Dibidogs' muscular relatives from another nearby planet.